We are IT experts who loves dancing and want to offer what we can do the best to the dancing community

Our philosophy

Dance is the initial social drive. People might not talk the same language, might not have the same believes, but coming to dance, every one understands it. Considering the power of dance in socializing, we found a gap in internet present. We believe that there should be an online community of all the dance lovers. We need to find each other, get together, and enjoy it. We think that we can get together and build this community. Join us! Let's grow and have a home for all the dancers.

About us

We are dreaming the biggest online dance community and social network. Helping local communities , schools and individuals to join together, learn together and grow together to make a dancing world.


Our Team

Yashar Bizhan Zadeh

professional web developer with 12 years of experience in designing and developing web base systems.

Dancing Salsa , Bachata, Kizoma and love fishing.

Arash Bizhan Zadeh

professional Solution architect and web developer with 20 years of experiment in designing and developing IT solutions.